About Us and This Blog

We are Paul and Amy, co-Creative Directors of our family of five.  We enjoy cooking and crafting and sharing our creations.

When we first started talking about blogging the plan was for two separate blogs, but we quickly realized that since most of our best creations have been collaborations we should join blogging forces.  Our goal is to energize our creative pursuits by having a forum where we can share our ideas with others.  It’s also an opportunity to present the creative activities done with, for, and by our most rewarding original compositions: our three boys.

The story goes that at as a toddler Amy used to sit at the piano, pound on the keys, and sing with great gusto a song of her own creation called “original composition” (name and lyrics one and the same).  Although years of piano lessons didn’t produce a proficient pianist, there has always been part of her that has liked to make things with her hands.

Paul has always enjoyed cooking (and eating, of course) … from making pizza at home as a young kid, watching episodes of the French Chef after elementary school, brewing beer in college and beyond (including years as a professional brewer), home roasting coffee, making barbecue & sausage, gardening and finding the best uses for the results. Paul continues on the lookout for local foods to cook and eat … and 30 years later is still working on perfecting that pizza!

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