Pizza Night

It’s a Sunday rite that we try our best not to miss: Pizza Night.

It has become the Sunday evening routine at our house to close out the weekend with my home baked pizza, and guilt and regret will set in on the rare occasions I am forced to miss a week.

I’ve been making pizza since I was a kid: homemade crust, a simple tomato sauce, a base of cheddar cheese, and toppings as adventurous as I can find, baked in the oven on clay tiles.

Between our garden and farm share, we’ve had lots of great produce this year and it’s been fun working that onto our pizzas.

This week had a roasted carrot and onion pizza with Swiss cheese. Last week roasted tomato & basil with mozzarella, and homemade sausage with pepper and onion.

Though I’ve been making pizza for years, I feel the need to make a ‘crust up’ effort to ensure building the perfect pie:

  • Considering a thicker pizza stone
  • Experimenting with new crust formulations
  • Baking at hotter temperatures
  • Using Amy’s home-canned tomatoes for sauce
  • And continuing the search for new & interesting toppings

I’ll update with new findings and results of our (almost) weekly offerings.

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2 Responses to Pizza Night

  1. Louise says:

    Your Dad and I had great fun reading your family Blog – love the title! Somewhere in this house I have an old tape recording of you pounding out your “Original Composition”. I’ll have to go hunting for it!

    Wonderful pictures too!

    Love you! – Mom

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