The Family has Landed!

We made it across the pond and are settling into our new digs here in Dorking, England.  Paul and I will be trying to update this blog with some of the details of our lives over here.  Here are a few comments and observations about our first week here.

Our house has a name!  Home away from home is called “Tree Shadows” – doesn’t that seem so very “English” and charming?  The homeowners have recently done extensive renovations, so it has a modern and open feel.  It should suit our family nicely.   The boys certainly have made themselves at home.

We have limited furniture at this point, so packing boxes are having to suffice for a couch and chairs until we can find the real thing.  I’ll post more pictures of the house when we have things more sorted around here, i.e. when we aren’t living out of and in cardboard boxes.

We’re having fun grocery shopping and setting up our kitchen.  Paul made us a semi-traditional English Breakfast this weekend.  We’re also keeping with some of our traditions from home, so per usual Sunday was pizza night.  Just as he had his techniques almost perfected in our Portland home, Paul now has to tweak his methods and recipes once again!  Good thing that’s all fun for him.

We have done some exploring around town, but haven’t yet ventured too far out of town except for shopping trips.  Next weekend we hope to go on an adventure on Sunday.  Not sure yet where we’ll go, but we are looking forward to getting out and seeing the countryside.

Hamming it up at Deepdene Roundabout. The "Dorking Cockerel" sculpture is in the background.

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19 Responses to The Family has Landed!

  1. Christine Masterson says:

    Glad to hear you have made it there safe and sound. Quick question…where can I get those great cardboard chairs? I was thinking about getting Sidney a chair for the living room this Christmas but the boys looked so comfortable it may be more cost effective to just hit a cardboard recycle dumpster and start my search. :). I’m looking forward to your updates.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks Christine! Boxes: not just for holding stuff. My children (especially Tommy) love boxes of all sorts and can spend a lot of time playing with them. Why not just skip Christmas shopping and just get Sidney a big box to play in? 😉 Congrats on your new little one – I can’t wait to meet her!

  2. Ann Pye says:

    Hello Lavallee Family,

    So glad to hear everyone is doing well! Love the box chairs, the boys look very happy in them. That cook top looks really nice, glad to see that Paul has not lost his touch in the kitchen.

    When you have a minute let me know what your plans are for Christmas week are.

    Cheers! 🙂

    • Amy says:

      Hi Ann! I think the boys might be sad when we get actual couches. I just sent you an email about our Christmas activities. Can’t wait to see all of you!

  3. Julz says:

    Hi Amy~

    So jealous, looks like you all are getting settled in. How long are you there for? This blog is a fantastic idea. Can’t wait to read more of your ventures from the other side of the pond.. That would be a cool name for a book!! Just an idea.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hey Amy – So funny, I just contact the Family Network in search of large boxes. We are going to paint them white and make playhouses that the kids can decorate with markers and paints. Now I realize we may not need to buy beanbags after all. Mollie is really missing Tommy and I confess to being not a little jealous that you are all in England. I miss it! Wouldn’t it have been fun to move over together?

  5. Elaine Zeller says:

    So I totally missed the email/blog post that explained WHY you were across the pond. I’ve got to say that I’m super jealous; UK is somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a very long time…


    • Amy says:

      Hi Elaine! I had sent around a mass email a few days ago, but I am sensing that many people may not have received it (spam filters maybe). Anyway, Paul’s work has brought us here. We have a spare bedroom…

  6. Mary Pennington says:

    Enjoy some McVities chocolate digestives and PG Tips for me, OK? I will be waiting eagerly for all your posts & updates so I can return to England vicariously.

    • Amy says:

      Oh, Mary I need to stay very far away from those chocolate digestives – I have no will power at all when it comes to them! Yummy. The PG Tips are a go, however.

  7. Clara porter says:

    Hey there. Met your renter family today nicefolks! So glad you all arestarting to settle. Love the box couches! Send us your snail address. Love to all. Clara

  8. Netley says:

    Great photos! Looking forward to more on here as the time goes by, and especially Christmas with Memere and Pappy!! Is the Pye family going to be there at Christmas too??? How far away are you from where they will be?
    Love to all 🙂

  9. Ian Venskus says:

    Wow that might be the nicest oven / stove / grille I’ve ever seen! Must be fun to cook on.

    • Amy says:

      It is a nice stove, but it isn’t perfect. Whenever we redo our kitchen in Portland, Paul has big plans. Now THAT will be an amazing stove.

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